Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today's Project: Felt Bird Brooch

I made this pin out of felt, ribbon, embroidery floss, and seed beads today.

For a cardstock pattern, I cut out the bird, the wing, and the circle shapes from my Cricut Art Philosphy cartridge.  Then I taped the cardstock shapes to the felt and cut them out.  (Cut two of the circles.)  I sewed a 1-inch bar pin to one of the circles, and set the other circle aside.

Next, I sewed the wing onto the bird while attaching the seed beads.  This part took a while, and you could just sew on a plain felt wing, but I'm partial to beads.  I also sewed on a single bead for the eye.

I cut 2 lengths of ribbon, made them into loops, and secured them to the circle that I had set aside earlier.  Then I lined up my felt bird so that the ribbons would become his tail, and sewed the bird to the circle.

Finally, I blanket-stitched the two circles together and my brooch was complete!

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