Monday, May 14, 2012

Making a Kindle Clutch

My mom got a Kindle for Christmas, so I decided to try to make her a clutch case for Mother's Day.

Here's how I did it:

1.  Make a pattern.  I placed my Kindle (which is the same as my mom's) on some tracing paper over my cutting board.  I cut the tracing paper to be about one inch bigger than my Kindle on all sides.  The pattern turned out to be about 7 inches tall and 10 inches wide.  Then I cut another piece of tracing paper that was 7x10.  I folded that one in half (the hamburger way - not the hot dog way) and cut it at an angle to make sort of a triangle.  This will be the pattern for the flap.

2.  Cut your fabric.  I used burgundy corduroy for the main fabric, green cotton for the lining, and a patterned corduroy for the flap.  Using the 7x10 pattern, cut 2 each of the main fabric, the lining fabric, and some cotton batting.  Using the triangle pattern, cut 2 of the flap fabric and one of the cotton batting.

3.  Attach batting to main fabric.  Layer the cotton batting to the wrong side of each piece of main fabric and sew a few lines across the fabric to quilt them together.  (I'm not very fancy, so I used straight lines perpendicular to the corduroy.)

4.  Make the flap.  Layer the 2 pieces for the flap, right sides together, with the cotton batting on top.  Stitch around 3 sides of the flap.  (You won't stitch on the "bottom" of the triangle -- this unfinished edge will be where you join the flap to the clutch.) Turn right side out, and topstitch around the 3 sides.

5.  Sew the front & back together.  Layer the two main fabric pieces right sides together.   Sew around 3 sides of these pieces.  The side that you don't sew will eventually be the opening of the case.  (I didn't take a picture of this step until I had turned the main fabric right side out again.)

Sew the front & back of the lining together. Layer the two lining pieces right sides together.  Sew around the 3 sides, but leave an opening for turning later.

6. Get ready to sew the whole case together.  Turn the main fabric right side out.  Pin (or baste) the flap onto the main fabric, lining up the unfinished edges.  (Just don't pin or baste the case opening closed!)

Insert the main fabric into the lining fabric (which is still inside out) so that the right side of the main fabric is together with the right side of the lining.  The top flap piece will be sandwiched between the main fabric and the lining piece.  Line up all your unfinished edges as best you can.

Now. This is important.  Don't sew your clutch closed!  Open up the clutch and insert your sewing machine in between the two layers of cotton batting that are sewn to the main fabric. Then sew all around what will be the opening of the case.

7.  Flip right side out using the opening you left in the lining.  Then stuff the lining down inside the main fabric and there you have it.  A Kindle clutch. 

8.  Finish as desired.  I left mine like this, but you could top stitch around all the outside edges.  And you can add something to keep the flap closed like a button or snap or Velcro or whatever.  My mom has arthritis in her hands, so I didn't add any closures.

I hope this tutorial was clear and easy and it inspires you to create something!

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