Sunday, May 10, 2015

Under the Sea Cookie Favors

My church recently held a formal banquet for the senior high youth group and I was asked to make some cookies.  The banquet theme was "Under the Sea" and I finally got to use my seahorse and tropical fish cookie cutters.

I played a little with the colors.  The fish are a mix of blue and teal.  The seahorses are a mix of pink and yellow and orange.

I packaged two cookies into a bag and tied it with a ribbon so they could be used as party favors for the guests.

They put the rest of the cookies on a platter to serve at the banquet and they were eaten quickly!

I think the cookies looked great with the table settings designed and assembled by another church member.

People more talented than I designed and made the Under the Sea decorations - complete with a shipwreck that served as a photo backdrop, and lighted jellyfish that hung from the ceiling!

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