Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sheep Cupcakes for Skylander Party

One of the funny parts of the Skylanders video game is the sheep.  They get in your way and you can squash them or torch them or whatever you feel like.  So for Aaron's Skylander-themed birthday, I thought it would be cute to make sheep cupcakes for the family.
They came together quite quickly.  Here's what you need: white (or yellow) cupcakes, white buttercream frosting, and chocolate cake balls.  I had some chocolate cupcakes leftover from something in my freezer, so I mashed up 4 of them with some chocolate canned frosting to make the cake balls that would become the sheep heads.  (1 chocolate cupcake made 3 heads.) Then I made a dozen white cupcakes from my favorite box mix. (We're gluten-free here so I used Betty Crocker's gluten free yellow cake mix.)  I use the buttercream frosting recipe from Wilton.

Step 1: Load the frosting in a piping bag with a #7 tip and pipe small dots around the rim of the cupcake.
Step 2:  Form the cake ball into an oblong shape and stick it on top the cupcake.
Step 3:  Pipe some more small dots around the head to help it stay in place.
Step 4:  Finish piping dots to fill in the rest of the sheep.  Then pipe two dots on the head for eyes.
(I tried to buy the frosting eyes from Michaels, but they were all out.)

Here's the birthday boy with a sheep cupcake!
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