Saturday, December 29, 2012

That Crazy Elf - part 2

Our Elf on the Shelf *usually* remembered to do something silly each night.  Here's where we found him on the days leading up to Christmas.
On the ceiling fan
Having a spa day in the shower
Swinging on the tree on a SPI-belt (Spencer's insulin pump pack)
In the nut bowl with a sign that says "I'm nuts!"
Packing Spencer's lunch box with an onion, olives, bouillon, and spicy sauce
Roasting a mini marshmallow on the mantle
Riding Toothless the dragon outside
Then on Christmas Eve, he was sitting by our nativity set reading the account of Jesus' birth from Luke 2.

The Elf is fun, but the reason we celebrate Christmas is to remember Christ's birth.  You may notice there's no baby Jesus in the manger in the above photo.  That's because he's wrapped in a gift box.  The first present our kids open on Christmas morning is the one containing the baby Jesus figurine.  We like to take a moment to remember that He's the best gift of all.
(To see what else the Elf has been up to this year, click here.)

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