Monday, June 22, 2015

Baseball theme for Father's Day

My dad's birthday often coincides with Father's Day so he usually gets one gift to cover both occasions.  He's a big-time Detroit Tigers fan, so I made him a baseball-themed gift this year.

The card is simple: a strip of patterned paper, three stars, a baseball, and "Dad" stamped on the card.  Of course I chose navy and orange for the Detroit Tigers.  The stars were made on my Cricut.  To make the baseball, I cut two of the same circle.  Then I laid the 2nd circle on top of the first, slightly overlapping. I traced the curve of the 2nd circle on to the first with a red marker.  Then I added the little "stitches" with red marker to make the baseball's seams.

He got a  Tigers shirt for his birthday, plus a variety of ball-park snacks like peanuts and Cracker Jacks.  I also made him some baseball cookies.  You can see how I made those by clicking here.

Happy birthday and Happy Father's Day, Dad!  I hope the Tigers are good this year!

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