Saturday, February 9, 2013

Avengers Captain America Birthday

My super husband just had a birthday.  He's been watching Avengers cartoons with the boys lately, so we threw him a Captain America birthday party.

I was able to recycle the banner I made for his Angry Birds-themed party last year.  I added Captain America shields, made out of layered card stock, to the ends of the banner.

I set the table with Captain America napkins and blow-outs.  Plus, now that Disney and Marvel are the same company, they feature some fabulous free printable party decorations at,  including coloring pages, masks, and the little guys you can see on my table in the photo below.

I kept the food fun and easy.  I made Wasp's Wings (hot wings, and some not-so-hot wings for the  kids), and Thor Hammers (pretzel sticks in chunks of cheese).  I set out various salad ingredients and said, "Avengers, Assemble! (your own salad)."

Since we are having another birthday party this weekend involving cake, I wanted to make something different for dessert.  So red, white and blue Jello!  (Well, the white part isn't actually Jello; it's Cool Whip.)

I also made Patriotic Popcorn for the kids' bedtime snack. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of it because it turned out super cute.  You can find the directions online at Bloom Designs. I used red and blue mini M&M's and red, white, and blue sprinkles along with the popcorn and melted white chocolate.  I will definitely be making this again with her ideas for other holidays and colors.
So that's it!  After dinner, he opened his gifts and the boys "helped" him put together the Captain America Lego set he got.

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