Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Husband's Angry Bird-day Party

My husband is one of those math and science-type guys so he understands things like "trajectory".  Which is probably why he enjoys the Angry Birds game.  My boys love it, too, so I decided that Brad's birthday should have an Angry Birds theme.

The boys jumped on board with the idea and, one day when they had a half-day of school, we spent the afternoon crafting our own Angry Birds as well as some Angry Bird Launchers!

We started out trying to make our own pom poms out of yarn but the boys got easily frustrated with wrapping the yarn around the circle template.  So I pulled out my bag of ready-made pom poms, and turned them loose with craft supplies and glue.  Googly eyes, of course, make everything more fun.  Then the kids used pipe cleaners to make bird beaks and pig ears and snouts.

The launchers were inspired by this blog post that has been popping up on Pinterest a lot lately.  I used yogurt containers instead of plastic cups.

Here are my boys during the party launching the pom pom birds at the pig fortress.  I think they might have enjoyed this just as much as playing the iPad game!

I had fun making decorations, too.  My friend told me about those bird faces and I simply cut them out and taped them on some balloons and on the birthday present. (You can download the balloon templates here.) The banner says "Happy Angry Bird Day" and that was made with my Cricut.

Since there were only 6 of us, I didn't want to make a whole cake.  So we had cupcakes! I feel the red bird's pain: I also have to deal with a unibrow.  I bet that's why he's so angry.

 Happy birthday, Brad.  I hoped to make this party as cool as you are! xoxo