Saturday, February 4, 2012

Celebrate the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 video release with a viewing party!

We only have to wait one more week until the video release date for Breaking Dawn Part 1!  Will you be running to the store at midnight on February 11?  Will you be hosting a viewing party next weekend for your vampire-loving friends?  Or is a Twilight-themed Valentine party in your future?

This is a very fun theme to develop into a party. Plus, it's fairly easy to do so inexpensively using black and red sparkly things you probably already own.  Here's a look at the party I hosted just prior to the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1 in theaters this past November.  I hope it inspires you to do a Twilight party!

Because the movie features the long-awaited wedding of Bella & Edward, I styled my party invitation to look like their wedding invitation.
I arranged the text using Photoshop Elements and printed it on white cardstock.  Then I layered red cardstock, the invitation, and vellum and attached them with 2 white brads at the top.  (Sorry, the vellum makes it a little hard to read in the photo.)

Party Food:
For the party I served "Bat Wings" (hot wings), "Fangs" (blue corn chips) & Salsa, and Bread"stakes".  For dessert we had Werewolf Kibble (Chex Muddy Buddies), Bella's Twizzlers (both red and black), and Red Velvet Vampire Cupcakes.  I made little signs for each dish and nestled them into plastic fangs on the buffet table.

To drink, I served black cherry cola.  I covered the bottles with blood type labels which I think are so perfect for a vampire party!  You can download the labels for yourself from the Hostess with the Mostess Blog.
Unfortunately, I didn't snap a photo of the bottles with the cola in them before the party so you'll have to use your imagination with the photo of empty bottles.  (The black cherry cola really did look like blood.)

My photo of the buffet table came out all blurry which is a bummer.
The breadsticks, chips & salsa and hot wings are in the front, and the desserts are elevated behind them.  I dressed up the table with a chess board, some red candles and a feather boa.  Breaking Dawn fans will get the references.

Party Decorations:
Behind the buffet table I hung a banner that I made using sparkly paper and glitter.  I also hung red Christmas lights and two tissue paper pom-poms made with Martha Stewart's instructions.

On my piano I displayed the four Twilight books along with an apple, a white tulip, red ribbon, and a white chess piece.  Red and black candles were arranged on top of the piano along with a sparkly red beaded garland and velvety red fabric.  All of these things I already owned.

Behind the couch we have 4 poster frames that usually hold Red Wings posters.  Although those matched the party colors, they didn't match the theme!  So I covered them up with photos and movie quotes from each of the four Twilight movies.  The black is a cut-up black plastic tablecloth which cost $1.  The red is wrapping paper that I already had.  The movie still photos were found using Google search.

Here's a better look at each poster. You can click on the images to make them larger.
Twilight and New Moon posters
Download Hostess with the Mostess' Twilight movie quotes here.
Download Hostess with the Mostess' New Moon movie quotes here.
Eclipse and Breaking Dawn posters
Download Hostess with the Mostess' Eclipse movie quotes here.
I made my own Breaking Dawn movie quotes but, since I've had my party, Hostess with the Mostess has published her version.  You can download them here.

Party Activities:
As each guest arrived, she had to choose if she was Team Edward or Team Jacob (or both!).  I made necklaces out of Sculpey clay for everyone to wear.
We divided into teams and played movie trivia from the first three movies.  Then we watched Eclipse.

Party Favors:
As each guest left, I gave her a party favor bag featuring an apple cookie, a chocolate chess piece, a white tulip and tied with a red ribbon, referencing the 4 book covers.  I also included a plastic set of fangs and a note that said, "Fangs for coming."

Blogger won't let me upload my nice 8 1/2 x 11 .pdf, but here's a .jpg of the tags if you want to use them for your party.  Just click on the image to see it larger.  Right-click and select "save image as".
"Fangs" for checking out my party.  Leave a comment if you had your own party.  I'd love to see it!  My friends are already asking if I'm going to throw another party when Breaking Dawn Part 2 is released and I'm always looking for ideas.

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