Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Puppy Love Valentine's Day

I love this boy.

And I adore these boys.

But this past summer, a new boy joined our family and stole a piece of my heart.

Seriously, how could you not fall in love with this face?

Meet Good Dog Carl.

The best part of it is, he decided he loves me too!  
(He loves the whole family, of course, but I'm his favorite.)

So I decided to have a puppy-themed Valentine's Day dinner this year in honor of our newest addition.

Puppy Love Pot Pies:
I found the recipe on the blog Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons.  Hers turned out much cuter, but hey, I'm new at this.  (Definitely click on the link to see her cute version.)  But these tasted really good even though they resembled lions more than puppies.

Carl-Colored Dessert:
I'd seen desserts like this with brownies, ice cream and caramel sauce.  Since one of my sons is diabetic, I decided to lighten it up a little bit.  The Double-Chocolate Brownie recipe came from Martha Stewart and is SO delicious.  Instead of ice cream, I used whipped cream which is significantly lower in carbs. The caramel sauce is difficult to see in this photo, but it matches Carl's brown fur almost exactly.

Our Valentine table:
Check out the little stuffed puppy in the basket!  He looks just like Carl and I scored him on clearance at Michael's for a couple bucks.  My tables are usually much more elaborate than this, but I was short on time because I ended up volunteering at my kids' school longer than anticipated.  But that's life and, obviously, my kids are more important than a fancy place setting!

I hope you are inspired to make some every-day fun with your family!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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