Monday, February 13, 2012

Homemade Pokemon Valentines for the Class

I decided we should make our own Valentine cards this year for my boys to bring to school for their classmates.  They each have 28 kids in their class and, inevitably, they pick the Valentines that come with 18-24 in a box.  I end up buying 2 boxes for each kid and the majority of the second box doesn't get used.  Seems a bit wasteful!

They've been into Pokemon for a while, so used that as my inspiration.  The Pokemon trainer in the cartoons, Ash Ketchum, always says, "I choose you!" when he sends his Pikachu out to battle.  I switched the "choose" into "chews" so we could add gum to the cards.

The best part about this project is that I didn't have to do very much!  The boys could handle most of it themselves.  I had already designed the Pokemon ball in Photoshop, so I just had to add the words and print out enough copies.

The boys cut out the circles, filled in their classmates' names, and taped on the gum.

And tomorrow they get to deliver unique Valentine cards that they made themselves!

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