Monday, June 11, 2012

End of the School Year Teacher Thank You Gifts

At the end of each school year, I like to make little thank you gifts for my boys' teachers, aides, and the school secretaries.  Here are this year's gifts.

For the teachers, I bought them each a gift card from  Did you know you can buy a printable gift card from amazon that your child can color in?  Easiest teacher gift ever.  But I couldn't just give them the gift card, right?  I had to make something cute as well.

I found these cute boxes in the Target Dollar Spot and thought they were perfect.  Then I put in a few summery things like sunscreen, lemonade mix, gum, trail mix and a fun pen (also from Target) that matched the colors on the box.  I made the little "enjoy your summer" tag on my computer and taped it to the front of the envelope that contained the gift card.  I sandwiched a fat popsicle stick between the tag and the envelope so it could stick up out of the box.  The kids signed the tags, and that was our teacher thank you gift this year. 

My diabetic son has an aide at school and she has a Tim Horton's coffee addiction.  So she got a Tim Horton's gift card packaged in a reusable pink cup with some pink lemonade mix.  The tag says "Thanks for being my 'ade'."  (You can see the cup in the top picture in this post.)

One of the school secretaries is retiring this year and she always did so much to keep that place running smoothly.  So I made her a gift that celebrated her contribution.  The tag (made on my computer) says "Thanks for holding everything together" and the box is filled with things like paper clips and magnets and band-aids.  Get it?  Things for holding stuff together?  We are really going to miss her around the school.
Happy summer vacation to the teachers!

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