Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's Pop's Day! father's day celebration

We decided to celebrate Father's Day a week early because we'll be travelling next weekend. I built the theme around the word "Pop" as another word for dad.

For breakfast, I served lemon POPpy seed muffins.  (I was going to do Pop Tarts but those are a bit sugary for my diabetic son!)

This is the only picture I took and it's all washed out, but oh well.  (You can see the "Our Pop Rocks" super hero card in detail in yesterday's post.)

For lunch we had POPcorn chicken, a spinach-strawberry salad with POPpy seed dressing, caramel and cheese POPcorn, and fancy soda POP in bottles.  (I didn't take a picture because I was too hungry!  The blog takes a backseat to real life.)

But the highlight for all the boys were the chocolate moustache pops.  They had fun posing with the moustaches, but it was so hot that the pops melted quickly, and they were all walking around with chocolate on their faces.

(Another washed out photo - ugh.  The little red pails are from the Target Dollar Spot, FYI.)

Here are the little signs I made if you'd like to use them for your Father's Day celebration.  I liked the red and yellow color scheme with the little black moustache.

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