Friday, June 29, 2012

Watermelon Cookies


Watermelon is the perfect little slice of summer.  So I recreated that look with some sugar cookies.

I used my circle cookie cutter to make the cookies and I sliced them in half before baking.

To frost them, I started with the green "rind" part.  I wanted the green to be somewhat two-tone just like a real watermelon rind.  In order to get that look, before I loaded the frosting into the piping bag, I drew some stripes on the inside of the piping bag with gel food coloring.  Each cookie comes out unique.  I outlined the curvy part of the cookie with the green icing.

Then I added a red line of frosting to the straight part of the cookie.  Then I flooded the interior of the cookie with red icing.  While the red flood icing was still wet, I added three drops of black icing to mimic watermelon seeds.

Once that was dry, I added an outline of white icing on top of the other icing along the curvy part of the cookie.

A little slice of summer. And they're so small you can eat two!

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