Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paper Silhouette Valentine Decoration

Here's a fairly easy project for homemade Valentine's Day decor: paper silhouettes.  These are my two boys, but you could also make one of your spouse or even your dog.
My youngest boy
 The square frames are 7x7 and I purchased them at Michael's a few years back during the after-Christmas clearance. (Since I have red in my living room and kitchen, I buy a lot of things on clearance after Christmas and Valentine's Day!)  The frames came with the red and white mats with a 4x4 opening for a photo.  You could use whatever frame you have and just use cardstock to surround your silhouette.

My oldest boy
Silhouette steps:

  • Take a photo of your subject in profile.  Having a mostly blank background makes future steps easier, but it's not required.  Also, the quality of the photo doesn't really matter because you'll just be using the shape - not the actual photo.  
  • Print the photo. (Again, quality doesn't matter so you can just print it on regular paper if you want.)  
  • Temporarily tape the photo onto some black cardstock.  
  • Cut out your silhouette, through the photo paper and the black paper at the same time, using the photo as your guide.  
  • Carefully un-stick the photo, flip over the cardstock, and you are left with a lovely black silhouette.

Valentine Mantel
 I taped the silhouette onto white paper using scrapbook tape.  Then I used a paper punch to get the heart shape and I layered it on using foam tape so it sticks up a little.  Insert your project into your frame and you're done!

Side note: The little black frames were purchased in the dollar bin at Michael's.  The "love" letters were cut out using my Cricut, glued onto gray cardstock, and inserted into the frames.

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