Friday, January 27, 2012

Reorganized Office Area

I am so happy to finally have, not only a functioning office area, but a pretty one as well.

Top Three Transformations:
1. Cleared off the clutter and purged the contents of the filing cabinet.
2. Painted the filing cabinet. (I wrote about that in this post.)
3. Added some peacock accessories to make me smile.

Now I can easily fit my laptop and printer ON MY DESK.  I know, crazy, right?  It's almost a pleasure to pay bills now.  Almost.  It is my goal to keep this desk surface as uncluttered as possible so as to not return to that horrible "before" picture above.

I still have that ugly (but free!) office chair and I'm on the lookout for an inexpensive new one.

Peacock feather wreath - Michael's after-Christmas clearance ($7 marked down from $25!!)
Peacock candelabra - Christmas gift from Pier 1
Turquoise magnetic dry-erase board and lamp - Target
Turquoise vase - IKEA

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