Monday, January 9, 2012

Pokemon Birthday Party

My oldest son just turned 9 and he is currently obsessed with collecting and trading Pokemon cards.  So I put a few Pokemon details into his birthday party.

First of all, here are the cookies he took to school for a class treat.

First, I drew the black line and little circle in the middle with outline icing.  Then I outlined the red and white half circles, then flooded everything.  I was planning to go back over the black lines again, but I forgot.  By the time I remembered, I had the icing tip all cleaned and the icing bag thrown out.  Oh well.  If I were to make these again, I'd probably do the red and white half circles first and add the black on top later after the red and white icing was dry.  My poor child has a December birthday, so he usually doesn't get my best work, and I didn't have the luxury of waiting for the icing to dry! In fact, I made these in such a hurry, you can see air bubbles in the frosting.  The kids probably didn't notice.

For the birthday party, I made cupcakes in the same basic design.
I used my little star tip (#16) to make the red and white portions of the cupcakes.  Then I used the same tip to make the black line and little circle on the top.

To fit the Pokemon theme even more, I made little cupcake picks to stick in each cupcake.  The Pokemon character images came from this site.  Scroll down to the Bingo card section.  I printed one of their customized Pokemon Bingo cards and used a paper puncher to cut the characters into little circles.  I used a slightly larger circle cutter to make the black circles out of cardstock.  I taped a toothpick to each black cardstock circle, then glued a Pokemon character to each side of the circle (covering up the toothpick tape).

Some family members couldn't make it to the party so I packaged up a couple of cupcakes for them.  I saw this genius idea on one of the blogs I read, but I can't remember which one.  If I could remember I'd give them credit!  Anyway, you simply put the cupcake into a small, clear, plastic cup then slide the cup into a clear cellophane bag.  The cupcake doesn't get messed up in transport!  (I might get messed up as you try to carefully drop it into the plastic cup, though!)

Another thing I made for the birthday boy was a birthday banner.  Times like these, I'm very thankful I have a Cricut.  You can churn out a snappy looking banner in no time.  The letters and number are from the Cuttin' Up cartridge.  The black circles are from the Art Philosophy cartridge available from Close To My Heart.

The Pokemon balls on the banner I made myself in Photoshop Elements.  Blogger wouldn't let me upload the .pdf file I had with four balls on one sheet all ready to print out.  So here's a .jpg of just the one ball.  You can copy and paste it into Word as many times as it'll fit, I suppose.
Click on the image above to open it full-size in a new window.  Right click on the image and select "copy image".  Open your word processing software and paste the image in a new document. Resize if you want, then copy and paste it as many more times as you need.

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