Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reorganized Craft Area

My craft area is all put together finally!  The project took a couple weeks, but it was totally worth it.  Check out the shocking before and after:

I admit, I didn't make any attempt to clean up the area for the "before" picture, but it is a realistic depiction of what it looked like.  Yikes.  Way too much stuff on the walls, inadequate work table, and haphazard storage. It's no wonder I had a hard time getting inspired in there.

But now!

The table is from IKEA. It's called the Vika Amon Table Top.  You buy the legs separately so you can customize the table to your needs.  It comes in several finishes and sizes, too.  I wanted basic white for a clean surface on which to create.

The pink caddy holds the tools I use the most often.  I'm working on a winter scrapbook page and that's spread all over the table.  Under the table in the corner, I stuffed my rolling scrapbooking tote that I use to haul supplies to crops.  It fits perfectly in there.  The stool is perfect for me (rather than a chair) so I can spin around and face the table or the shelves. And because I often like to stand when I scrap.

My husband helped put together the shelves: two Besta Shelf Units from IKEA.  I liked that they had adjustable shelves because most shelves aren't made for large 12x12 scrapbooking items.  My things were large, so I ended up only using some of the shelves and have 4 left over.  (My husband says he can use them to make shelves on the wall if I'd like.  Hmmm, maybe!)  I also like that the shelf units are low so that they can double as additional work surface.

Right next to the table, I store my pages in progress, my paper and my stamps.  I found turquoise storage boxes at Target and also reused most of my organizing containers from before.  I printed customized labels from the Better Homes and Gardens website.  They are printed right on to sticky labels so I could just stick them on my containers.  (And they were turquoise!)  Cards that I've completed are on the top of the unit. 

The other end of the shelf unit holds more stamps, my kids' school-year albums-in-progress, and my cutting tools.  I wanted the Cricut and other cutting tools to be closer to my work table, but alas, the location of the power outlets didn't cooperate.  But now I think it works better this way anyway.

So now I have a functioning craft room.  I just need to inject some personality and color!  Because the shelf unit is low, there is a vast amount of wall space above it that currently looks very bare!  Since it is a craft room, I plan to make something to hang on the walls, I just don't know what that will be yet.  

I have to show this tray I found at IKEA, though:
Isn't it too cute?  I love birds.  Owls are my favorite, but the office area on the other end of this room was decorated with peacock accessories.  So any suggestions for what to hang on the walls are welcome!  Should I take up my husband's offer for more shelves (maybe above the table)?  Should I make some framed, bird-related art?  Maybe a Bible verse?  Family photos?   Something unexpected like a wreath?

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  1. That looks like a great place to craft!! I love the tray you found, adorable. You can never have too many shelves. Also what might be helpful is a bulletin board for (actual, real-life) pinning of useful things.