Monday, January 30, 2012

The Kids' Area of the Craft Room

I have two boys and they have their own area in my newly reorganized craft room. 

Before the reorganization, they had a nice table and chair set (that we got free!) but it was always buried under piles of stuff.  I kept the table and chairs, but made better use of the vertical space with another tall shelf from Target. (It's the same as I used in the craft closet.)

I mostly re-used containers , but the turquoise bin on the bottom shelf and the 2 white bins on the top shelf are new.  Some of the containers are shoeboxes reinforced with blue duct tape.  The main difference is that now, everything has a home, and it's all labeled. (Labels printed from here.)  All of the markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, etc are corralled in one bin with several smaller containers inside it.  In theory, the boys should be able to get their own crafting items and put them away when they are done. (Ha!)

There used to be a bulletin board over their table where they could hang projects they wanted to keep.  It ended up looking very cluttered, so I removed it.  I would like to give them a display area, though.  I'm thinking of getting a towel rack and threading onto it curtain rings with clips on them.  They can hang their artwork from the clips. (Something like this?)  I think it might look neater than a bulletin board.

We'll be testing out their new craft space soon when we make Valentines for their classmates!

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