Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reorganized Craft Closet

Well, I haven't been posting very often because I have been working to get my craft room organized!  As you can see from the photo above, the closet portion of my room needed some serious help.  I was using a lot of plastic tubs, which are great, but I just had them stacked on top of each other.  Inevitably, I'd need something from the bottom-most tub and it would take quite a while to unearth it.

So I bought two shelving units from Target.  One is tall for the portion of the closet that is full-ceiling height. It holds some seasonal decorations and my wrapping stuff.


The other is shorter for the under-the-stairs portion. This one holds pictures and frames, candles and candle holders.  The stuff in the corner is rarely used, but I can still get at it better than I could before.

Then I rearranged all the drawers I had in the closet already.  The dresser and filing cabinet hold fabric.  The other drawers hold various craft supplies.  But the good thing is that they are all cleaned out and labeled so I don't have a bunch of things I no longer use and I can find everything quickly!  And I can even walk in the closet now!

My sewing machine is on a rolling cart just inside the door to the closet.  I did that on purpose because I usually roll the machine out in front of the TV in the family room if I'm doing any serious sewing.  If it's just a quick sewing project, I can bring a stool into the closet and sew right there.

Works for me!

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